Time Warp

Wizard Time Machine

The game will start deep in a dungeon. The group is in pursuit of the evil wizard Vozitsya who is rumored to have assembled a machine in his lair that has the potential to destroy worlds. The heroes have been commissioned by the local kingdom to investigate.

The gang comes careening down the chute they had just fallen down a moment ago. Everyone falls on top of each other.

[Everyone pick a number, roll the equivalent die. The number rolled is the person on the bottom. Odd/Even roll, fail= 1 DMG]

The group finds themselves in 20′ × 10′ room. The opening to the slide they came from is closed. It is well lit with 6 torches equally spaced on the walls around the room. Two chains hang from two separate holes in the ceiling. There are many sharp hooks along the bottom of the chains.

[Perception check]

There is a faint hissing. (Pin sized holes around the room are leaking flammable gas. DM should start a timer for 5 minutes. At the end, the gas meets the torches.)

[Insight check]

The players smell the gas. The only way out is to climb the long way up the chains through the cramped passages.

[1 Superior Climb check or 2 moderate ones]

Once they reach the top, burnt skeletons, whole and not, are scattered about. The room is similar to the bottom, except there is no wall to the south. Peering out, there is an immediate right turn to a medium length hallway. (With the assistance of light, they can see the hallway ends in a right turn about 40’ away.)


Success= The sound of grumbling, chewing, and lip smacking can be heard from down the hall.

(Once the timer is done, the gas erupts into flame which causes a blast of light and heat.)


The noise becomes and shuffling, then steps. The group can advance to the hallway, where they are met by two large trolls, or they can hold their ground within the room. They may also attempt to hide to catch the trolls by surprise. The trolls will enter the room and each grab one chain. They flail them about. (The intention of catching a hook at the bottom on a cooking victim below).

[Knowledge Nature]

They’ll need fire to rid of the trolls. Physical attacks will heal every other round, even after dropping below 0. Fire damage causes a permanent drop. If they’re clever enough, within the room they may try to bull rush the trolls down the holes and into the fire.

Continuing further, the turn to the right is the troll den where the sparse remains of their charred victims lay. Across the room is a narrow staircase that bends to the right. Many traps plague this path.

[Reflex x3] – Person in front.

Each success will reveal a trap without harming the player. Trap description is DM discretion.

Once at the top, a long hallway stretches from each side. Openings are sporadically placed on both sides. They appear to be chutes similar to one they slide down before. They must allow for quick access for certain parts of the dungeon. At the end, a door can be seen that shimmers in the dark. It’s all gold. Words are inscribed on the top.

“I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.”
Hints: It never comes.
A reference to time.
Answer: Tomorrow.

The door slides open. The room is dim and empty. Looking up reveals a giant glass ball with intermingling parts of wood and metal crisscrossed throughout inside. Suddenly at the other end. Vozitsya (Vo-zeet-sa), the wizard, appears sitting on the other side of the room. He does not do anything. Trying to communicate will provides no results. If the player throws anything or attempts to confront him, he accidentally activates the machine above (through floor tile or button). The wizard was an illusion which vanishes. Loud sounds of banging and clicking begin. Some parts inside the ball are moving. More and more parts begin to move and as they gain momentum, they emit light. In the middle, Vozitsya is seen sitting and smiling. Eventually the insides are just a blur of motion and light. The light erupts, encompassing everything.

Temporarily blinded, the sounds of clanging steel and men yelling surround the group. They find themselves in the middle of a battle.



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