Time Warp

The Sons of Telemon

Heroes find themselves suddenly on a sandy field. The sound of clashing steel is overwhelming. Men everywhere are shouting names as they bang spear to shield.

“Move you worthless mercenaries!”

A man of enormous size is standing behind them brandishing a spear and large shield. Another man crouches on one knee under the giant’s shield. His eye is keenly locked on the soldiers across the field. The thump of his bowstring sends an arrow flying.

The arrow hits its mark, which is the neck of an opposing soldier. A few arrows volley back at the large man and archer but are easily blocked.

“Together the sons of Telamon are invisible” the great man shouts. Another arrow flies from his companion, and strikes another soldier. The bowman is remarkable.

“Behind me!” [Opposing intimidate checks]
Heroes are safe regardless. They don’t bare the look of an Achaean or Trojan and thus draw no attention. They can take refuge behind Ajax’s shield if they like.

However, Trojans are now growing angered by the continued shower of Teucer’s arrows and have formed a phalanx to rid themselves of the annoyance.

[Sense Motive]
A look of fear comes across Ajax’s face.
“We must make an exit now, brother.” says Teucer shakily. “I would, if every archer in sight didn’t have their arrows pointed toward us.”

Arrows (thunk, thunk, thunk) against Ajax’s shield. He is only able to move at 1/5th his move speed. Players will engage in combat making sure no soldiers reach the brothers. Each round, Teucer will fire an arrow, taking out an archer. After 5 turns, all archers will be rid of and Ajax and Teucer will help fend off the Trojans and route what remains of the phalanx.

“Haha! Mercenaries with backbone. That’s something you don’t see everyday. What are your names?” [Players introduce themselves]
“I am Ajax. This is my brother Teucer. Soldiers as brave as yourselves must be granted audience to our king. Follow me.”

Agamemnon makes his bluff. Nestor makes his appeal. Ajax makes his presence known and announces the heroic act of the players. Agamemnon down plays their triumph. If Achilles doesn’t fight, what’s the point of heroism?

“Maybe you great heroes can match wit and wisdom with the fleet-footed one.” Agamemnon jests. Players should take this challenge serious. They can ask anyone for where Achilles’ tent is located.

Achilles will meet the heroes with an arrogant swagger. He constantly reminds them that with his friend Patroclus here with him, there’s no reason to fight. Secretly, Vozeetsa (he only vaguely describes the appearance, he does not know his name) has convinced Achilles the prophecy that if they engage in combat Patroclus will die. With enough prying he will admit this.

Players can either take up arms against the Trojans themselves. This will reinvigorate Ajax, Nestor, Odysseus, and Agamemnon. They will be seen as the real heroes and brand Achilles a coward. Or, they may kidnap Patroclus and send Achilles into his classic blood-rage.

At the crux of the result, the players are hit with the same blinding light as before. Where they land next will be found out next time.



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